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Click below to view the 1960 Citation sales brochure!

(Large files, average 200K for good readability of small print, so please be patient...)

Page 1 - (Cover)
Page 2 - Design Philosophy, Stu Hegeman Quotes
Page 3 - Citation III Tuner Design
Page 4 - Citation I and II Features & Prices!
Page 5 - Citation III Features & Prices
Page 6 - Citation IV and V Features & Prices
Page 7 - Full Line Specifications
Page 8 - Product Reviews

Citation I Preamp Resources

Click here for the Citation I schematic (540K .jpg file)


Citation II Amplifier Resources

Click here for the Citation II power supply schematic

Click here for the Citation II complete schematic (900K .jpg file)

Click here for KT90 triode curves

Click here for KT90 pentode curves (384K .gif file)

Got a bad Citation output or power transformer? Well, don't throw it away!! Take a look at this:

"I wound your (Citation II output) transformer last night, laminated it, and put it on the test jig with 500 volts
on the supply side and drove it all the way up to 100 watts, down to 20 cycles. Then I went for the rated 60
watt level from 10 to 100,000 cycles. At 10 cycles it was down 1.74 DB, minus .28 DB at 15 cycles, minus
0.12 DB at 20 cycles, stayed almost flat to 50,000 and slowly dropped to -2.9 DB at 100,000 cycles - all with
no feedback as this is a jig driven by a perfect amplifier - perfectly flat."

That's amazing performance! The author of that quote is Doc Hoyer, the owner/operator of my recommended
rewinder, Audio Transformers. No, it isn't inexpensive, but if you have a Citation that needs an output
transformer, you have had little or no hope until now. The typical fee for a rewind is $450.00 (as of 12/00)
plus shipping, but it's worth every penny in my opinion. Contact Doc directly if you need his help, but please
do tell him you found him here on my site. He'll appreciate it!

If you have a bad Citation II or Citation V output or power transformer and have no use for it, I'll be
glad to reimburse you for economy shipping if you send it to me. I'd like to find some cores for people
who need a tranny to replace a missing unit. Please drop me a note if you have any questions.

Citation III-X Tuner Resources

Click here for the Citation III-X alignment guide photo

Click here for the Citation III-X alignment instructions

Click here for the Citation III-X MPX Adapter schematic & voltage chart (184K .jpg)

Click here for the Citation III-X main chassis schematic part 1 (908K .jpg)

Click here for the Citation III-X main chassis schematic part 2 (685K .jpg

Citation IV Preamp Resources

Click here for the Citation IV Power Supply schematic


Some Great Non-Citation Specific Resources...

Interested in using loctal tubes? Here's a quick list of the most useful types for audio, and their octal
equivalents (or near equivalents). Keep in mind you'll need loctal sockets! While they are 8 pin tubes,
the pins are much smaller, and the center key is different. Note: loctal pins need careful cleaning before

Click here for a listing of audio useful loctals

Here's a link to a fantastic site for basics and more advanced tube electronics from Randall Aiken, owner
of Aiken Amplification. Randall's products are musical instrument amps, but his Tech Info pages are terrific
for audio as well! A big thanks to him for the great work:
Aiken Amplification Tech Info Pages

Here's a link to John Del's great site for tube basics and more: John Del's Fundamentals of Tubes Site


Much More Coming Soon!

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