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May 13 Update - The email volume continues to be completely overwhelming. I am now responding to
 emails working from the earliest received first if possible, and that's the best I can do. I am over a month behind.
I hope to begin replying to emails for kits/parts next week.

I am testing/matching my remaining tube stock as quickly as possible to determine what I have left to sell. Be
advised that supplies of many tubes are now VERY low, especially octal audio power tubes and 12AX7s. Other
small signal tubes are also impacted, and very low noise or matched tubes are not available in most tube brands. 
Be advised that due to restrictions applied on 3/10/22  no more shipments of Russian made tubes are occurring.
And while subsequently it was announced that shipments from the Russian plant would resume in April, that
could certainly change again depending on any number of factors. I have received no new stock at all.

I apologize for the delays and inconvenience and I thank you very much for your patience in this very difficult time!

May 16 Update - Unfortunately - despite being fully vaccinated and receiving one booster - I (and my entire
household) have caught Covid. I don't feel too bad right now, but I won't be able to work or answer emails for the rest
of this week at least.

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Need tubes? Scroll down for a huge list of new production, NOS, and great used tubes. I have stocks of many
hard to find NOS (new old stock) audio, guitar,
and radio tubes, and the inventory changes often. So if I don't
have what you want check again in a week or two. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the service you receive as well!

Virtually all tubes (even new) are carefully tested on my Amplitrex AT-1000, TV-7 or B&K 747 testers.
Power tubes are run in and tested/matched at real operating voltages, not just with a tube tester.
BTW, NOS means new old stock, ANOS means almost new old stock, and NIB means a new unused
tube in the original box.

Last stock updates were done 4/18/22.

Orders, questions, suggestions?Now out of stock!

Drop me an e-mail at ...As much as I'd like to, I simply don't have time to accept phone calls.
In special circumstances I'll try to provide some phone help, but there just isn't enough time to speak to everyone in
person. I'm often not able to even answer the phone. So please do email me instead, you'll get better service!

Need help with your Citation tube gear?

Click here for Citation II bias/balance instructions and voltage chart

Click here for Citation V DC/AC balance instructions and voltage chart

Click here to visit my Resources Page

I specialize in Harman-Kardon Citation tube pre and power amps. High quality re-cap and power supply
kits are available now for Citation I, II, and V (and cap kits now available for Cit IV preamps)! Take a
look at the H-K Citation Kits and Parts Page for more details.

I get many requests about buying individual parts/kits for Citation (and other audio gear including Fisher,
Scott, Harman-Kardon, Sansui, and others), so to help you find what you need, check out the
Parts Department for excellent parts/kits at reasonable prices! Kit listings for the non-Citation models
will be up soon - until then please email me .

Sale Tubes & Parts! Prices good 'til they're gone:

Save Big On My Overstock Of Fully Tested New 6922 Genalex Gold Lions!

I have about 50 single 6922 Genalex Gold Lion fully tested tubes on hand, all brand new, all in the original boxes. These tubes
are all low noise tubes
, they may have balanced or Gm/gain matched sections (but none are matched and balanced). All are
fully tested, ready to plug in and use in your audio gear
. They'll work great in all but the most particular gear, and you'll
save big! 
Normally $44.50 each - now cut to just $37.50!

(1) 5V4G RCA, hard to find coke bottle tube, used but tests like new. This tube has almost no visible getter left and has some heat bubbling on the base - but
definitely has some life left. $9.50.

(25) 6H6 NOS, mostly GE JAN, excellent little metal dual diode, $3.00 $0.50 ea.

(1) 950 Coronado, engraved base/ST bottle, new tube in white box. Note: this is not a 50 sub! $19.50 $14.00.

(2) 6939 Amperex USA, rare frame grid tetrode tubes, new, white boxed, $29.50 $24.50 ea.

(30+) 6CX8, NOS, various brands including JAN GE, grab 'em now for that old guitar amp! $3.50 $2.00 ea. or 10/$15.00.

(1 roll) 18 ga. solid 300 volt red PVC hookup wire, Radio Shack branded, in the original packaging; this normally sells for $5.99 plus tax/roll,
my price is $3.00. Handy to have around - decent sounding too!

Recent Arrivals - Updated On 12/3/21 - and More Updates Soon!

Watch this page for arrival information

Snap-on tube shields! These snap-on types are very scarce! They fit Citation and other 9 pin sockets, $9.75 ea. I have about
10 pieces of good used stock on hand as of 12/3/21. They polish up beautifully with Nevr-Dull or Maas metal polishes.

Rare! (2 single tubes) 6F8G Sylvania grey glass NOS/NIB branded Tung-Sol, identical construction, Amplitrex tested, $69.50 each

Rare! (1 single tube) 6F8G RCA grey glass NOS/NIB, Amplitrex tested, $74.50

(1 Gm matched pair) 7N7 Sylvania NOS/NIB branded National, tested, $29.50

(11) 12AT7 GE, NOS tubes from the late 1950s, all are grey plates with rectangular getters. All have been run in
and carefully tested - including testing for low noise and microphonics. I have (8) single tubes, all test good but have not quiet enough for low 
noise applications. They may have some minor getter rainbowing, These would be fine tubes for a power amp or line stage,  $16.50 ea.

Very Rare! 6G-A4 Toshiba triode power tube, NOS/NIB. Used in some Japanese gear and quite hard to find! $36.50.

(1) 6CA7 GE "fat bottle", used in what appear to be the original box, very good to excellent getter. Tests okay but is low current -
this one may have some life left though, $24.50.

(4) E280F (= 7722) Siemens pinch waist triple mica(!), (2) ANOS & (2) excellent used; great sounding high
Gm pentodes. $18.50 ea for ANOS, $14.50 ea. for used. Look here for some interesting info.

(1) UX-226 Radiotron, used and white boxed, the loose base was repaired, strong testing tube! $19.50.

(2) NL-5870S National "Nixie" tubes with 1/2" characters, NOS/NIB, not easy to find, $18.50 ea. 

Tube Dampers!

High temp silicone tube damper rings ! Rated to over 400 F, these dampers help reduce vibration and
microphonics! Even guitar amp users report reduced "nasties" with these simple, cheap devices. I get
the best results with 2 o-rings per tube.

New! For 7 pin and similar diameter tubes - $0.40 ea., or 12 for $4.00.

For 12AX7 and similar diameter tubes - $0.50 ea., or 12 for $5.00.

For 6SN7 and similar diameter tubes - $1.00 ea., or 12 for $11.00.

More NOS, New, & Used Tested Tubes:

Audio & Musical Instrument Amp Power Tubes:

Electro-Harmonix 2A3 Gold tubes. Like the 300B EH Gold it has a ceramic base and gold plated grid wires and pins. I looked a long time before deciding
which 2A3 to stock, and despite the fact that opinions regarding SE triodes are very personal, this tube consistently got excellent reviews and many recommendations.
That's why I chose this tube to stock. Excellent build quality, excellent sonics, and an affordable price made it the right choice. I match these personally at real amp
voltages on my Amplitrex AT-1000 computer tube tester after 24 hour burn in so they're matched right! $87.50 ea. for singles, $177.50 for matched pairs

(40+) 6AK5/5654/EF95 USA NOS tubes, various brands, most in original boxes. Used in a number of headphone amps, $5.75 ea., $12.50/matched pair. Add
$1.00 each or $2.00/pair for RCAs.

(20+) 6AQ5, new, good US or Japanese brands $5.50 ea., $13.50/pair (add $3.00/tube for RCA).

(1) 6AQ5A Philips/Rogers, marked made in France, NOS/NIB. $14.50.

(1) 6AQ5 Tung-Sol 1950s, NOS/NIB, nice "horseshoe getter" tube, $13.50.

(2 pairs & 2 singles) JTL-6AQ5 Tung-Sol, used but test new or very close to it; all have plenty of getter left. These
would excel in a Duttman/McShane "El-Cheapo" amp or a DIY project. Remember, the 6AQ5 is electrically almost
identical to the 6V6 (be nice to the 'AQ screens).They're great tubes at a nice price - $18.50/pair, $8.50 ea for singles.

(1) JRC-6005/6AQ5W RCA black plates, great little 6AQ5 "premium" sub. These came in a bulk styrofoam
container, so it is white boxed. $9.50.

(8) 6005, mostly GE and a few Sylvania, military boxed NOS tubes, $6.50 ea. One grey glass Sylvania for $8.50.

(1) 6AS7G branded Amperex but really Russian made, new in white box, $9.50.

(2) 6AS7GA NOS/NIB, branded CBS but made by GE, excellent examples of this big triode, $19.50 ea.

(1) 6AS7GA Sylvania, new in original box, $7.00

(1) CAA-6B4G Sylvania, Canadian military tube, very lightly used, tests new. This tube had a broken locator
pin that has been properly repaired. In a white box, $29.50.

(2) 6BM8/ECL82 Svetlana, NOS excellent sounding 70's-'80s Russian stock, tested and ready to go; $12.75 ea. .

(2) 6BM8/ECL82, both branded RCA, but one is a Sylvania, the other is RCA Canada, internal construction is
different between these tubes, both are NOS/NIB, $11.50 ea.

6BQ5/EL84 JJ, one of the good JJ tubes, in stock, burned in and carefully matched. $15.50 ea., $31.50/pair, $64.50/quad.

Sovtek EL84M, a rugged sub for the very scarce 7189, it's the current production version of the well known and liked
(and now scarce) 6P14P-EB. $21.50 ea., $44.50/pair, $89.50/quad.

Genalex Gold Lion N709/EL84 reissues! I now keep a good supply of these very well made tubes in stock. Construction
quality is superb, and the performance on the test bench looks great. The reviews are very positive as well! Clearly this is the
best new production EL84 in production now. They are $29.50 ea., $59.95/pair, $119.50/quad - and I match EVERY one
(not the poor/inconsistent "factory" match)!

Important! N709 tubes are not guaranteed if installed in a Vox AC-30 or an AC-30 clone. These amps
run them at at nearly 15 watts plate dissipation - the tube is rated at 12 watts. Please also note that MANY
(most?) vintage audio and guitar amps run EL-84 tubes beyond their ratings! The tubes will fail quickly,
and this failure is not warranteed, sorry.

EL-84/6BQ5 Tung-Sol reissue - this is an excellent choice for vintage gear that tends to push EL84 tubes hard. Here's what the maker
says about them: "Due to its rugged construction and conservative ratings, it is the most reliable current production EL84 type available for
use in Vox AC-30 type amplifiers. In addition, its linearity and tone characteristic make it the ideal replacement for EL84 hi-fi amplifiers,
such as those built by Fisher, Scott, and Harmon-Kardon."
Good stock on hand, all run in for 24 hours minimum and matched at real
world voltages! $16.50 ea., $33.50/pair, $67.50/quad.

(2) EL84/6BQ5 Westinghouse USA, one NOS/NIB, $19.50; One ANOS USA made with print missing, white box, $15.50.

Very Rare! (1) 7189A GE, NOS/NIB 1960s grey plate, Amplitrex tested & strong, print intact. This is the highest rated EL84 type there
is, the pinout varies slightly from the EL84/7189 so be sure you can use it. $59.50.

6CA7 Electro-Harmonix "fat boys" - a true 6CA7, very well regarded. Pairs/quads are matched properly by me personally, and that 
means it's done right! Excellent choice for audio gear, $21.50 ea. for singles, $44.50 per matched pair, $89.50 for a matched quad.

(1) 6CD6GA RCA, new in white box, $6.50 (more on hand awaiting testing, inquire if you're interested).

(3) 6CM5/EL36, 2 Mullard branded Rogers Canada, NOS/NIB, $29.50 ea. One RFT branded United,
also NOS/NIB for $24.50.

(20+) 6CM6 USA made, NOS & most in original boxes, $6.50 ea., $14.50/pair if available. Great tubes for "El-Cheapo" amp!

(4) 6CW5/EL86, all used, all test very good to near new, two European Philips (Mullard, Mazda) for $9.50 each; two USA/Canada for $5.50 each.

(6) 6CZ5, three NOS & two ANOS, various brands, some in original box, these are an excelent choice to sub for the pricey and scarce 6973 tube 
used in jukeboxes and other gear. Even the 6CZ5s are drying up, the next choice for an old stock sub is a 6CM6 (it will take a bit of socket rewiring). 
$13.50 ea. for new, $11.50 ea. for ANOS

(1) 6DW5 Sylvania, nice little power tube, not real easy to get, $7.50.

(2) 6EM5 Tung-Sol, $9.50 ea.

(4) 6EM5 RCA NOS, (one labeled Packard-Bell), nice power tube, $7.50 ea.

(7) 6GC5 NOS (used in Counterpoint gear): (3) GE Great Britain for $8.50 ea., (1) Sylvania black plates
for $7.50 ea. and an RCA for $6.50.

(6) 6GK6, GE, RCA & Sylvania mostly, similar to a 7189A (different pinout), NIB, $12.50 ea.

(1) 6GM5 Philco, NOS/NIB, looks like it's Sylvania made, scarce, $24.50.

(2) 6JN6, one each RCA, & Westinghouse USA, all NOS/NIB, $14.50 ea.

(3) 6K6GT NOS/NIB - a Tung-Sol for $16.50 and two Sylvania for $9.50 ea

(1) 6L6 RCA, metal tube, new in original box, getting harder to find, $29.50.

In Stock! Tung-Sol 6L6G reissues, beautiful coke bottle tubes; it has a slightly different tone that has generated some really
good reviews. $54.50/single; $109.50/pair; $219.50/quad. I'm sorry about the price, but the distributor raised prices WAY up.

(1) 6L6G RCA, NOS in a white box, very nice grey glass tube, $39.50.

(1) 6L6G GE, may be new but ??, excellent getter w/just a hint of rainbowing, tests new, $26.50

(1) 6L6GARaytheon, used & white boxed, $22.50.

6L6GC-STR Tung-Sol - this is a really nice tube! It is the first new black plate tube made in a long time, and it has tone
that I think equals some NOS! Just $26.50 ea., $54.50/pair, $109.50/quad.. Sorry, out of stock.

(2) 6LU8 USA made NOS tested tubes,  may be reboxed, $6.50 ea.

(1) 6L6GC, branded Westinghouse, but really Chinese, new, $6.25.

(2) 5V6GT, good US brands, original boxes, $3.00 ea. Out of RCA, sorry!

(1) 6V6GT/A GE, NOS, may be white boxed, $19.50 ea.

(1) JAN-6V6GT GE, NOS in JAN box, grey plate mid 70s tube, $21.50.

(1) 6V6GTA RCA - grey plate/clear glass; very lightly used, strong tube in white box), $34.50.

(1) 6V6GTA National branded, older Russian stock, NOS in the National box, $9.50.

(1) 6V6GTA Tung-Sol ANOS from the 1960s! Black plates, clear glass, top & side getters. Use it just
like a new tube. White boxed, $39.50.

6V6GT Tung-Sol reissues, these have gotten rave reviews from guitarists and audio fans, they've been
very relaible and durable as well. I've got pairs and quads in stock! $32.50 ea., $65.50/pair, $132.50/quad.

6W6/6DG6GT, new US made tubes, similar to a 6V6, nice stock on hand, $8.50 ea.

(1) 6Y6G RCA, NOS/NIB, clear glass, nice looking coke bottle shaped tube, $8.50.

(10+ ) 7C5 Sylvania branded Sylvania, Philco, etc.; these are the loctal equivalent of a 6V6GT! Fully tested NOS for $8.50 ea., used but test new $7.50 ea.

(20+) 12AB5 USA made, NOS & most in original boxes, $6.50 ea., $14.50/pair if available. Great tubes for "El-Cheapo" amp!

(4) 12B4A NOS (no RCA), $8.50 ea.

(1) 12B4 RCA NOS/NIB black plates! These are extra nice versions of a popular tube, $9.50.

(2) 12B4 GE, one ANOS for $9.50, one used and tests good for $6.50.

(1) 12V6GT Tung-Sol NOS/NIB; a tall black plate for $12.50.

(2) 25E5 - (1) Sylvania Japan, NOS/NIB, $6.50 ea. One Amperex brown base tube that was apparently removed
from equipment (base scratches from a gripping device are present) but is brand new testing and looking otherwise, $9.50.

(10+) 50C5, good US brands $7.50 ea. new, $3.25 ea. used/tested (no junk!).

Electro-Harmonix 300B Gold tubes. With the ceramic base and the gold plated grid wires and pins, this is the 300B I have chosen
to stock. Excellent build quality coupled with pleasing sonics (great bass!) made it any easy choice for me. Lots of happy customers
using this tube! $129.50 ea. for singles, $259.50 for matched pairs (I match them personally!).

(1) JAN-CNU-807/VT-100A National Union, NOS in a white box, dark brown base, black plate, nice, $18.50.

(3) 807 RCA, four branded RCA, 1 branded General Electronics; all new in various boxes. These tubes do vary
in internal construction. $19.50 ea.

(2) 807 RCA, ANOS in white boxes - one is branded Raytheon. Excellent tubes! $15.50 ea.

(1) 807 branded RCA and RCA boxed, but really older Russian made. These are very good 807s! $14.50.

(4) used 807 - (1) Sylvania JAN VT-100, (1) Sylvania, (1) Westinghouse USA, and (1) Amperex/Japan,
all are $8.50 ea. These tubes test and look great!

(1) 811A, branded GE Canada but really an RCA copy made in Russia by Svetlana! NOS/NIB, $24.50

(2) 812A RCA NOS/NIB from 1959, nice power triodes! $64.50 ea.

(1) 813 RCA, NOS/NIB, the box is beat up but the tube is great! $65.00.

(1) 828 RCA, NOS/NIB, rare! $69.50

(1) 1619 RCA metal tube, NOS/NIB, appear and test new, $9.50.

(2) 1622 RCA metal tubes, white boxes, appear and test new, $39.50 ea.

(1) VT-136/1625 Ken-Rad, new tube in a white box, a bit of wear and tear from handling but a nice tube, $11.50. Sorry, out of stock.

(1) VT-137/1626 Ken-Rad, excellent used (tests near new) for $9.50.

Now in stock! Tung-Sol reissue 5881 - this is a great tube, the reports have been really good. Great tone,
excellent quality, a winner! $21.75 ea., $44.50 for matched pairs, $89.50 for matched quads.

(1) 6146 RCA NOS/NIB, tests very good, $28.50.

(3 matched pairs) 6146B/8298A GE, all NOS/NIB, Amplitrex tested and matched for Gm (transconductance) and cathode current.
$89.50/pair for these increasingly hard to find old stock tubes.

(1) 6146B RCA, used, test very good, $18.50.

(2) JAN 6146W Sylvania, NOS in the military boxes, $37.50 ea.

6550WE Sovtek - a nice sounding tube at an attractive price. This metal based straight sided bottle is a great value,and with no more SED 6550C
around it is a tube you can consider. Recommended by Audio Research to replace the SED 6550C; $37.50 ea., $76.50/pair, $154.50/quad.

6550 Tung-Sol reissue - only one tube left with a slightly tilted bottle, tests fine. $29.50.

6973 EH; these are a real 6973, not a "close" sub, $18.50 ea., $37.50/pair, $76.50/quad.

(1) 7027A RCA, new in the original box!, tall bottle, very nice tube, $59.50.

7591A Electro-Harmonix tubes in stock! $21.50 each single, $44.50/matched pair, and $89.50/quad. Here's a typical customer comment...
"I put the EH 7591's in my Pilot SA-264 power amp. Set the bias and let 'em cook a while. Then I listened. I was really surprised.
They sound like the real thing. What a sweet sounding amp that is."
They sound like it because they are the real thing, just in a larger bottle! 
Please note - I have just a few singles left and once they are gone I will not be stocking/selling the 7591A EH for the
foreseeable future due to the complexity of installing them in so many of the vintage amps.

 7591A Tung-Sol - some stock on hand and more will be in stock soon. This is the only 7591A or 7868 tube that
I'll be handling at this time. $34.50 each, $69.50/matched pair, $139.50/matched quad. Sorry, out of stock!

Important note - updated! There have been some cases where the new production 7591A (and 7868) tubes have had trouble 
in circuits using a very high value grid resistor - as vintage Scotts, Fishers, and others sometimes do. The best solution is changing 
all the grid resistors to 200K-220K from the original value, since often the factory spec resistors exceeded the maximum 
recommendations. For instance, Fisher routinely used 330K carbon resistors that would often drift up to 360K over time! As well, 
to prevent loss of deep bass energy a change of the output coupling cap value to .1 uf (preferred) is needed. I stock all the parts 
you need, the parts cost is only $15.00 to $30.00 per amp, depending on the coupling cap you prefer to use. As well, many amps 
will require adjustable bias to be installed to accommmodate the available tubes. 

I do not recommend the use of JJ tubes under any circumstances, not even with the changes above!

Click here for a look at a typical 7591 output circuit. Resistors R129 & R130 and caps C87 & C88 in the outlined
boxes are what may need replacement.

7695 Sylvania branded GE, NOS/NIB, these are 50 volt beam power tubes, $12.50.

7868 Electro HarmonixSorry! I am no longer handling the 7868 tubes. It is just too much trouble and there are too 
many issues involved in handling them
due to the complexity of installing them in so many of the vintage amps.

(1) 8552 RCA, NOS but came in a Motorola box, it's a 12 volt 6146 (same tube as 6883B), $17.50.

*EL34 Electro-Harmonix tubes. A very nice skinny bottle tube with a lively top end, and they are priced very
reasonably at $15.50 ea., $31.50/pair, $63.50/quad.

(2) EL34 Matsushita (Japanese made, branded RCA), one probably NOS/NIB (marked "made in Great Britain") one used.
The NOS tube is a cool biasing tube, it tests strong and looks good with just a couple minor base scratches, $59.50. The second
is used/white boxed and tests near new - but the getter is worn to the size of a US nickel, $21.50.

Mullard reissue EL34 tubes. These were modeled after the xf4, and the people who've heard the tube like it a lot!
Not quite as warm as the old SED, but mellower than the EH; $22.00 ea., $44.50/pair, $89.50/quad.

In Stock! Tung-Sol EL34B, a really nice tube, top shelf construction including welded plates, the reviews are VERY positive!
This has proven to be an excellent EL34! $26.50 ea., $54.50/pair, $109.50/quad.

(2) EL81/6CJ6 Mullard, NOS/NIB, neat little 9 pin pentode, $12.50 ea.

(2) EL83/6CK6 Amperex Bugle Boy, one tube in white box, rare! $14.50 ea.

(1) EL803 Telefunken, original box, output pentode SIMILAR to 6BQ5/EL84, crisp original box, diamond mark, excellent print, $27.50

Genalex Gold Lion KT-66 They look good, they are rock solid on the the burn-in/match rig, reviews are superb, the sonics are amazing.
This tube is a hit! Do be aware they draw about .3 amps per tube more heater current than a 6L6, so be sure your amp can supply it safely
before you plug them in. Otherwise they are a drop in replacment for the 6L6. $39.50 for singles, $79.50/pair, or $159.50 for a quad.

Genalex Gold Lion KT-77 reissues! I now have a good supply of these really great sounding & well made tubes in stock. Unlike the other
KT-77 brand in the market, these tubes are rock solid quality and reliability is excellent! Singles are $46.50, pairs are $94.50, quads are $189.50.

Genalex Gold Lion KT-88 reissues - good stock on hand! The listening reports are virtually unanimous, regardless of what gear the tubes go in.
This tube is clearly the equal of and according to many are even be better than the original GEC. It is absolutely the best on the market now!
My impressions from handling and matching the tubes are extremely positive. The tube is very substantial in your hand, they feel heavy and look well made.
This is the tube we use and recommend for the demanding Harman-Kardon Citation II amp. Singles are $61.50, matched pairs are $124.50,
matched quads are $249.50; octets (when available) are $499.50. Now out of stock!

KT-88 Electro-Harmonix . This tube has 90% of the performance of the very best KT-88s at 1/2 the price! Very tight bass (I wish there
was a tad more of it though), beautiful mids and highs - and a tough, reliable tube too. Only $37.50 ea., $76.50/pair, $154.50/quad.

KT-90 Electro-Harmonix (EH). I now find that these recent production EH are much better performers both on the test
bench and in listening reports. I now keep a good stock on hand - matched right by me personally! Singles are $44.50 ea., pairs are $89.50, quads are $179.50.

KT-120 Tung-Sol. Rugged power tubes with significantly higher dissipation limits than the KT-88 or KT-90 carry; I am
now keeping good stock on hand - matched right by me personally! Note - these tubes require .2 to .3 amps more heater current
than KT-88s, so check and be sure your amp can handle them!! Singles are $54.50 ea, pairs are $109.50, quads are $219.50. Now out of stock!

KT-150 Tung-Sol current production tubes - these are leftovers from a special order and are fully tested both on the AT-1000 Amplitrex and on
the high voltage rig. Keep in mind these tubes have extra heater current and other special requirements so you need to check to see if your amp can 
accommodate them. Also, the KT150s tend to bias hotter (a higher bias current for any given set of operating conditions) than KT-88s so you need to
be sure you can adjust the bias properly - bias that can't be adjusted properly is not a defect in the tube. Great Prices! I have two single tubes left
in stock for $89.50 each.

(1) VT-62 (801) Hytron, new, brown base, original box and innersleeve, $89.50.

Boatanchor, Sweep/Compactron Tubes:

Much more to come in this section!

(4) 2C26 Hytron, new tubes, $4.00 ea.

(8) GL-2E24 RCA, GE, new, $5.50 ea.

(5) 2E26 RCA and other USA brands, $6.50 ea.

(3) 4-125A/4D21, 2 are Eimac, one is a GE. All apppear new. I have no way to test them (I'm not a Ham),
but I'll gladly return your money if you aren't satisfied. I also have one new socket for these tubes which I'll
toss in if you take all 3. Now $89.00 ea.

(8) 6AG7 NOS USA brands, used in a number of ham gear pieces, $6.50 ea.

(10) 6AZ8, new US made tubes, $8.50 ea.

(3) 6BA8A, USA brands, NOS, used in Kepco power supplies and others, $5.50 ea.

(100+) 6CL6/6197, good US brands, new tubes, RCA and GE mostly, $5.75 ea. Matched pairs are $13.50.

(3) 6DQ5 RCA, new tubes, $9.50 ea.

(10) 6DQ6B/6GW6, NOS US brands, $6.50 ea.

(8) 6GE5 compactrons, NOS, brands vary - tested and ready to go, $8.50 each, (2) or more for $6.50 ea..

(1) ECF86/6HG8 Amperex Bugle Boy, NOS/NIB, $8.50

(5) 6JB6A, 3 RCA, two GE branded Zenith, new in the original boxes, $29.50 ea.

(13) 6JE6C/6LQ6, all new tubes, tested and ready to go,  $42.50 each or $37.50 ea. for 4 or more tubes. A few excellent used on hand for $21.50 ea.

(1) 6JM6 RCA, NOS/NIB, $9.00

(1) 6JS6A Japan, branded Admiral, NOS/NIB, $27.50.

(1) 6JS6A RCA, may be new but ??, $24.50

(6) 6JS6C, 2 Sylvania, an RCA, a Raytheon Japan & 2 GE, all but 1 GE are new, may be
branded Zenith, some white boxed, $44.50 ea. for NOS, $38.50 for the very low time GE.

(2) 6KD6 Japan, new, one branded Philips, one branded Raytheon, identical construction, $39.50 ea.

(6) 6KD6, 5 Sylvania (most rebranded RCA or Realistic Lifetime), 1 GE (also Realistic Lifetime), all NOS/NIB,
hard to find for sure! $39.50 ea. or two for $74.50.

(1) 6KD6 GE, lightly used, tests strong! $38.50.

(1) 6LB6 GE labeled Zenith, NOS/NIB, $27.50.

(1) 6LF6/6MH6 GE NOS 1960s tube in its original crisp orange/bl;ack GE box. Tests perfect, looks great, $54.50.

(1) 6LQ6 RCA, used, tests good witrh lots of getter left, $26.50.

(1) 6LR6 GE, new, $36.50.

(1) 6LW6 Sylvania, NOS/NIB, $34.50.

(1) 6MJ6 RCA, very good used for $21.50.

(1) 6N6G, one Raytheon grey glass USA, used/ANOS in white box the base print is not present, but otherwise
this "coke bottle" looks brand new - tests like new too, $19.50.

(6) 17JB6A, NOS GE and other US brands, $14.50 ea.

(3) 31JS6C, new RCA and Sylvania, $14.50 ea.

(1) 31LQ6 Westinghouse Canada, NOS/NIB, tested and ready to go, $16.50

(1) 35LR6 GE, NOS/NIB, tested and ready to go, $17.50

(1) 40KG6/PL509 Japan branded International, NOS/NIB, well made rugged tube $15.50.

(2) 5516 Hytron, test/look new, but I can't be 100% sure, $10.75 ea.

(4) 5516 Hytron, used, test very strong, $7.50 ea.

(12) 5763 JAN Philips, NOS in the original JAN boxes, $7.50 ea.

(5) 5763 RCA power pentodes, $8.50 ea. Good used for $3.50 ea.

(1) 5894 (European number QQE06/40), CEI boxed but Amperex like numbers printed on the base, new gold pins, $39.50

(1) 6012 RCA, NOS/NIB heavy duty thyratron, $34.50.

(2) 6883B/8032A/8552, (1) RCA NOS/NIB & (1) 8032 Westinghouse new tube I got with no box,
so it's a little beat up, nothing bad though. $17.50 ea.

(4) 7061 GE & Sylvania beam power tube, mobile rated 12AB5, $4.50 ea.

(1) 7551 ECG beam power tube, $6.50 (a few good used for $2.75 ea.)

(2) 7695 GE (one labeled RCA 50 volt heater power tubes, $9.50 ea.

Other Tubes (Including "EYE" and 2 Digit Tubes):

(25+) 2D21/5727, new US made tubes, lots of jukeboxes use 'em. $5.00 ea. or 3/$13.50

(6) 6AF6G RCA & Tung-Sol, NOS/NIB eye tubes, $14.50 ea.

(10+) 6BN8, used in some tube testers, USA brands for $6.50 ea., one ITT/Japan for $5.50.

(10) 6E5 Raytheon, RCA and Tung-Sol, NOS (one in a white box), not common anymore, $27.50.
One with a bit lower brightness for $12.50.

(1) 6E5 Sparton, ST bottle, engraved base, used with fair eye brightness. Usable for sure, $8.00

(1) 24A RCA, NOS/NIB (the box is quite rough), $13.50.

(2) 26, one Sylvania branded, one RCA Radiotron branded. Both are very lightly used I believe. $14.50 ea.

(1) 32 RCA, new in white box, mesh plate, $6.50

(1) 239 branded "Trailblazer" "UV-239", cool little new globe tube (white boxed), $12.50.

(2) 42 Radiotron branded GE; one tests and looks new, the loose base was fixed, $15.50. The second
tube is a grey glass tube and maybe be new, $19.50.

(1) 43 Sylvania, new tube, beat up box, $6.50

(2) 247 globe, one RCA, one Silvertone, both in nice shape, both used, $22.50 ea.

(1) 59 GE, new in a white box, neat old power pentode, $14.50.

(1) 71A Raytheon, engraved base, ST bottle, tests new but ?, very nice shape, white box, $34.50.

(1) 71A Ken-Rad, new tube in older white box, $37.50

(2) 75 ST bottles, one Tung-sol, both used and both test good on all sections, $8.50 ea.

(2) 78, a new Westinghouse in excellent cool old Westinghouse box, $4.50, and a Philco that may be new, $3.50

(2) 884/VT-222 RCA thyratron, new in white boxes, $4.50 ea.

(1) 885 RCA gas thyratron, new in a white box, $4.00.

(1) 1629/VT-138 Sylvania, new in white box, about 50-75% of typical new brightness - works well in all but brightly lit rooms, $6.50.

(32) 2050, 2050A, or 2050W, used in jukeboxes, getting scarce! 30+ new for $18.50 ea. or 2/$32.50, 2 excellent used for $11.50 ea.

(1) 5823 RCA gas triode, NOS/NIB, $26.50.

Looking for more old radio types? I might have it in stock but not listed. Otherwise, definitely try Jim Cross at his
site:  Vacuum Tubes, Inc.  I highly recommend him!

Rectifier & Voltage Regulator Tubes:

(20+) 0A2/6626 - European for $6.50 (if in stock), good US brands for $5.50 ea. I have a few ANOS examples for $4.50 ea.

(2) 6073, a Tung-Sol and an RCA, NOS/NIB, premium 0A2s, $7.50 ea.

(1) 0A3 Sylvania NOS/NIB, $7.75.

(1) GL-0A3 GE NOS from the 50s in the original blue and orange box, $7.75.

(4) 0A3/VR75, various brands; NOS, straight sided bottles, $5.50 ea.

(1) 0A4G Raytheon "4-Pillar", new in the original cool box from the 30s or 40s, $19.50.

(30+) 0B2, USA or RFT made, $4.50 ea.

(1) 0B2 Mullard, NOS/NIB, $7.50.

(4) 0B3/VR90, new tubes, $7.50 ea.

(4) 0C2, USA brands, NOS/NIB, $6.50 ea.

(5) 0C3/VR105, (3) NOS RCA branded tubes, $ 6.50 each; (1) used CBS/Hytron with a slight glass bottle tilt for $3.50, (1) JAN-CHY-0C3/VR105 that may be new for $6.50

(4) 0D3A USA NOS/NIB,, original but some are in beat up or white boxes, $6.50 ea.

(2) 90C1, Amperex, not real common, $5.00 ea.

(1) 150B3, Mullard, 145 to 160 volt VR tube, 7 pin base, nice! $6.75

(18) 5651/A, a few RCA, all good stuff, $3.50 ea. for US made, $4.50 for European made

(14) 0G3/85A2 (= 5651A), all new, $4.50 ea.

Note: See the WE section below as well for VR tubes

(4) 0Z4/A cold cathode rectifiers, $3.00 ea.

(2) 1V/6Z3, a JAN Ken-Rad and an RCA, in white boxes, lightly used??, $4.00 ea.

(1) 3B24-W Raytheon, NOS in old brown industrial box. This 4 pin based half-wave rectifier can run on
half or all of its center tapped filament, and has a PIV of 20,000 volts! Check it out the data here. $13.50

(10) 3B28, branded Electronic Enterprises, Cetron, Chatham, or United Electronics, big 4 pin tube with a
large top cap. These are essentially an 866 rectifier but have no mercury (they're xenon filled). New,
mostly in white boxes, $29.50 ea.

In Stock! GZ34/U77 Genalex reissue rectifier; cool dark blue base, excellent construction quality, superb reliability priced at just $42.50 ea.

5AR4/GZ34 Sovtek, plenty of this nice tube on hand. $19.75 ea.

In Stock! 5AR4/GZ34 Tung-Sol brown base, this is an excellent tube just like the other new Tung-Sols; $37.50 ea.

(1) 5AU4 GE, new in a white box, 1957 production, $9.50

(1) 5AU4 Tung-Sol, used, tests good, in the original box, $8.50.

(9) 5R4GA GE or Philips JAN w/brown bases, NOS/NIB, straight sided bottles, nice, $11.50 ea.

(5) 5R4GYA GE, NOS, may be in white boxes, brown based, $15.50 ea.

(1) 5R4GYB GE brown base rectifiers, re-boxed, "ANOS" for $12.50.

(2) 5R4GYB RCA, lightly used, test new or very near new, $16.50 ea.

(1) 5R4GYB RCA, lightly used, broken center pin can be repaired with replacement center pin, $9.50

(4) 5R4WGB Cetron NOS/NIB "potato mashers" with the cool ceramic base. Just $15.50 ea.

(3) 5U4GB RCA; one NOS/NIB for $69.50, one "ANOS" tall bottle tube for $47.50; one used square getter tube that test new, $39.50.

(14) 5U4GA/B or 5AS4A Sylvania, GE, or other US brands, new tubes, a few are in white boxes, $29.50 ea.
for GE, $34.50 for other brands.

5U4GB EH rectifiers, certainly the best of the current crop, a very good solid tube, $18.50 for premium tested tubes, tested under 
load to deliver 120 ma. per plate.

Better graded used 5U4s - I have a number of excellent used 5U4GA or GB tubes, US or Canadian brands.
All test new or near new (>52 on my TV-7), good tubes with lots of service left. No RCA left, sorry, $18.50 ea.

Used/tested 5U4GA or GB tubes, all US brands. All test good, just not as good as above, $9.50 ea.

(1) 5V3/5AU4 Sylvania, NOS/NIB black plate tube, tested and ready to gio, $8.50.

(43) 5Y3WGTA JAN Philips, fine examples of this tube, new JAN boxed, $29.75 ea.

(15) 5Y3GT good US & Japanese brands, new tubes, some white boxed, $24.75 ea. ANOS examples for $19.50 ea.

(1) 5Y3GT GE brown base 1960s NOS/NIB, $29.50

(3) 5Y3GT Raytheon USA, , one NOS 1958 vintage black plate for $36.50; one NOS/NIB branded Hytron for $34.50; one
NOS 1958 vintage black plate with a bit of wear on the base for $32.50.

Hard To Find! (3) RCA 5Y3GT NOS, excellent tubes much in demand, so don't wait; one 1963 black plate rebranded Zenith
for $39.50 ea.; one branded RCA for $39.50; one branded RCA with a bit of base wear for $36.50; one ANOS branded GE for $29.50.

Used 5Y3GT, US brands, some real good solid tubes, test strong, low stock stock right now! $9.25 ea.

(4) 5Y4G, various brands, test new or near new but may not be, white boxed, hard to find, $9.50 ea.

(4) 5Y4GT, RCA made, but not RCA branded, one in white box, new, $8.50 ea.

(2) 6AU4 GT or GTA, NOS, brands vary, fully tested, $5.50 ea.

(6) 6AX4GTB, various good USA brands, $3.50 ea.

(3) 6AX5GT GE, 1 Sylvania, 1 coin base old Westinghouse, one RCA - all NOS/NIB tubes, $7.50 ea.

(6) 6BW4, branded Tung-Sol & RCA, but Sylvania made, nice little 9 pin rectifier similar in spec to EZ80 but with different pinout,
NOS in stock for $5.50 ea.

(1) 12BW4 Sylvania, new, same as above, but a 12 volt heater, $4.50.

(1) EZ81/6CA4 GE, NOS/NIB, Amplitrex tested, $21.50

(131) EZ81/6CA4 RFT, NOS in bulk pack so they'll be white boxed. I like this tube a lot, and I'm quite pleased to have located such a large 
stock. And the price was right so while they last you can get German made NOS for about the same price as current production. These are 
priced at just $22.50 ea.!

(3) 6CA4 Sylvania, used (two with no print left) - all test very good to new, $13.50 each.

(4) 6CJ3/6DW4 - NOS novar rectifiers used in Leben gear, $6.50 ea.; a few good used/tested for $4.50 ea.

(1) 6X4 branded Westinghouse, but date coded like a European tube (Ei?). Older black plate round getter tube, $9.50.

(93) 6X4 US (and a few Japanese) brands, mostly JAN Philips (formerly Sylvania), $7.50 ea., $9.50 for RCA black plates

(1) 6X4 GEmade, branded Heintz & Kaufman, black plate NIB tube, $8.50.

Some really nice used 6X4s in stock, only $4.50 ea., fully tested, no weak tubes!

(4) 6X5GT RCA, (2) new in original boxes, one has no print, $9.50 ea. ; one white boxed ANOS $8.50, one used/tests new branded Ford for $7.75

(5) 6X5GT, good US brands, new, many (not all!) in original boxes, $9.50 ea. Nice used for $5.50 ea.

(2 left!) 6X5GT/EZ35, boxed and labeled as British military CV574; NOS, excellent quality tubes - older Russian 6X5 family
tubes are excellent! $5.50 ea. Fully tested ready to use!

(7) 12X4 -  (1) Sylvania 1960s black plate, $11.50; (3) Sylvania JAN 1974 black plate, $10.50 ea.; (2) Sylvania black plate relabeled 
Zenith, $11.50; (1) GE labeled Philco grey plate, $9.50;. All are NOS/NIB, fully tested and guaranteed, and getting hard to find!

(3) 12X4 - (1) RCA both black plate, one square getter, (1) GE black plate square getter, and (1) Westinghouse(?) relabeled Fomoco (Ford).
All are excellent used, one may be new but I can't tell for sure. Good stuff, fully tested and guaranteed! $7.50 ea.

(14) 35W4, new tubes by US or Japanese makers, $6.00 ea.

(3) 80 ST bottles, US brands, a couple in white boxes. Good used examples for $13.50

(2) 81, one GE, one N-U, large ST bottles, white boxes and appear and test new, $17.50 ea.

(1) 83 GE NOS, in the original box, tested and ready to go, $34.50

(3) 117Z6GT RCA or Tung-Sol , NOS/NIB, two discrete diodes in one bottle! $6.50.

(1) 381 (same as 281) Cunningham globe, probably used but very nice, loose base repaired, $41.50 $39.50.

Okay, it's not a tube, but... for your Hickok or military tube tester- the "83 eliminator". Remove the 83 rectifier
tube and plug this in the socket, that's it (a few models may need recalibration)! No more glowing fuse lamps, or
83s to replace. No modifications required to install! High quality part, $14.50 each.

(1) 872A JAN, 1944 date, General Electronics brand, NOS in the original beat up box, $57.50.

(1) UY1N Philips/Miniwatt, half wave rectifier, used and tests good, white boxed, $7.50.

Looking for damper diodes/rectifiers? Some in stock, drop me a note!

Radio & Tuner Tubes (Converters, Pentodes, etc.)

(1) 1R5 Telefunken, new, $8.00

(2) ECL80/6AB8 Amperex, NOS/NIB, one Bugle Boy made in Germany and one Amperex made in the
Blackburn plant; the boxes are missing flaps, $6.50 ea.

(20+) 6AH6 NOS & mostly NIB; RCAs, GEs, mostly US brands, 100% tested and guaranteed, can sub for the expensive and rare
6HS6 and in some cases the 6HR6 as well
; $4.75 ea.

(8) ECH81/6AJ8 RFT, older stock, NOS/NIB & fully tested for $9.50 ea.

(7) ECH81/6AJ8 Amperex Bugle Boy, one good used for $5.50.

(1) ECH81/6AJ8 Amperex orange globe, NIB, $8.50.

(1) ECH81/6AJ8, a Siemens ANOS, $8.50.

(1) ECH84 Telefunken diamond, may be new but ??, $5.50

(30+) 6AL5/5726 or 12AL5 twin diodes, new, (not too many 12AL5 left), $3.00 ea. or 6/$10.00

(20+) 6BA6, mostly USA brands, NOS, $7.25 ea., "ANOS" for $5.75 ea., good used for $3.75 ea. One NOS labeled "IEC Mullard" but may be Brimar, $9.50.

(4) 6BA7, NOS US or Japanese brands, $8.50 ea.

(1) EBC81/6BD7A Telefunken, used but tests good, $5.00

(20+) 6BE6, new, $3.50 ea.

(1) 5915 RCA, premium 6BE6, $5.00 ea.

(10) 6BN4, NOS USA brands - mostly GE, $4.00 ea. One NOS/NIB Tung-Sol for $7.50.

(20+) 6BN6 NOS, RCA for $5.50 ea., other brands for $4.50 ea.. Used tested for $2.50 ea.

(4) 6BN8 NOS, USA made tubes, fully tested, $6.50 ea.

(6) 6C6 US made NOS tested tubes, unusual 10 pin base for use in tuners, etc., $9.50 ea.

(1) 6CB6 Telefunken, diamond mark, white box, almost new tube, $5.00

(5) 6CB6/6CF6, RCA & Tung-Sol NOS brands, fully tested, $4.75 ea.

(2) 6D6, one Tung-Sol new/white boxed, $4.50; one Arcturus (may be new) white boxed, $4.00.

(1 ) 6DC6 NOS, $10.50

(1) 6DZ4 RCA NOS/NIB rebranded Wards - not 6AF4 or dual designated 6AF4/6DZ4. Real RCA NOS/NIB,
a great tube for your 10B tuner or ??, $9.50.

6EA8 - USA or Japanese NOS tubes, fully tested, $7.50 ea.

(10+) 6EW6 NOS US made, $4.50 ea.

(4) 6FV6, US made NOS, $3.00 ea.

(12) 6HA5/6HM5 US made NOS, $4.50 ea.

(1) ELL80/6HU8 Amperex Bugle Boy tube in its original crisp box, quite scarce! $48.50.

(4) 6KE8, US brands, NOS, $6.50 ea.

(10) 6SQ7 glass & metal tubes, all used and test fine, $3.50 for glass tubes, $2.50 ea. for metal.

(1) 7V7 Sylvania, may be new but ??, white boxed, nice RF pentode, $3.00

(16) 12BA6, mostly USA made NOS, $9.50 ea.

(9) 12BE6, new, $4.25 ea.

(1) 12BE6 Telefunken, new in the original Tele box, nice RF tube $6.50

(2) PLL80/12HU8, Lorenz tubes in original boxes, extremely rare! $54.50 ea.

(1) 5686 Raytheon, new? (not sure), tests new, $6.50

(2) 5844 GE, NIB (one branded IBM), computer rated 6J6, $2.75 ea.

(12) 7060, NIB, mobile rated 6AU8, 12-15.5 volt heater, $4.00 ea.

(2) 7586 RCA JAN Nuvistors, rare! New in the JAN boxes, $29.50 ea.

(2) 7701 GE NIB, mobile rated (13.6 volt heater) xmitting pentode, $5.50 ea.

(2) 7716 NIB GE, mobile rated heaters (13.6 volt), interesting triode-pentode, very high mu triode (>102!), $4.50 ea.

(1) DK32 Ever Ready, used but tests good; this was one of the Philips "Red Tubes", you can see a picture
of it here: It is similar to a 1A7, but has the red metallic coating. $9.50.

(1) DL-82 Emitron, NOS/NIB, very much like a 7B6, $8.50.

(4) EBF89/6DC8 Siemens made labeled CBS, NOS/NIB, tested and ready to go, $8.50 each.

(1) EF83 Telefunken, NIB but no diamond, probably Siemens, $22.50

(1) ECLL800 Lorenz, ANOS in a Mullard box, tests as new and may be new, but ??, $59.50.

(1) KT-81 Emitron, NOS/NIB, unusual power tube like a 6V6 in a loctal base, $12.50.

Unusual Tube! (1) KTW61, made by MWT England. NOS/NIB; it was used in GEC brand radios
in the 50s and 60s. $15.00.

Much more coming, many other types in stock but not yet listed...

Preamp Types...

2C51 - See 5670W/2C51 listings below

(35) 6AB4, US made (mostly GE) , new, original boxes, may be rebranded, $5.50 ea. One Tung-Sol NOS for $7.50

(4) 6AC10 GE NOS, white boxed, many are relabeled but genuine GE made, $9.50 ea.

(6) 6AH4GT NOS/NIB, four GE (1 branded Delco new in white box); one RCA, one Tung-Sol made, hard to find, NOS/NIB, $17.50 ea.

(2) 6AN8 RCA black plate, one NOS/NIB, 1960s vintage, fine tube! $22.75. One possibly new tube that tests great, $19.50

(8) 6AN8A, various USA brands, NOS or good used, most in white boxes as they were received in bulk. $16.50 ea. NOS, $13.50 for good used/tested.

(1) 6AN8/A from Japan, slightly used for $9.50.

(5) 7258 Sylvania, NIB, these are 6AN8s designed for mobile use with 12-13.5 volt heaters, nice tubes, $7.50 ea.

(1) 6AQ7GT GE, NOS in the original box, $3.50.

(4) ECC85/6AQ8 RFT, a nice quality E. German made tube. That tube tuner of yours probably has one of these
in it, and NOS replacements are starting to get scarce. Great in Citation III and III-X tuners, $21.50 each.

(1) ECC85/6AQ8 GE labeled Sylvania, NOS in the original box, good tuner tube, $21.50.

(18) 6136/6AU6WC JAN GE, new tubes in JAN boxes, $7.75 ea. One 6136 5 Star for $8.50.

(1) JTL-6AU6WA Tung-Sol NOS in military box, $9.50.

(1) 6136 Tung-Sol NOS for $13.50.

(20+) 6AV6 or 12AV6 (half a 12AX7, plus a diode), all NOS US or Japan brands (1 RCA and
1 Mazda 6AV6 for $6.50 ea.). $4.50 ea.

(1) 6AY11 Sylvania, NOS/NIB, triple triode tube used iin some vintage gear, $4.50.

(1) 6BH6 Tung-Sol, new, round getter tube for $8.50.

(16) 6BH6 NOS good US brands (my choice), $4.50 ea. A few older RCA for $6.50 ea.

(12+) 6BK7/A/B, new USA tubes, $5.50 ea.

(13) 6BL7GTA various USA brands, NOS/NIB, most with black plates. Note that this tube came in more
different internal construction variations and had more rebranding than almost any tube I know of.

I can supply identical internals or identical brand names on request, but rarely both. $12.50 ea.

(13) 6BL8 (some Sylvania, GE, or Japanese but mostly Philips JAN), nice quality NOS (some white boxed 
tubes from bulk), $9.75 ea. A few ANOS or new but test a bit low for $5.50 ea.

(14) ECF80/6BL8, NOS European made, some relabeled as USA brands, $14.50 ea. NOS Ei are $9.50 ea.

(2) ECF80/6BL8, labeled ITT, say "made in England" but aren't Russian, maybe Tesla?, one new for $7.50, one
may be slightly used for $4.50.

(1) ECF80/6BL8 Amperex labeled Motorola, ANOS and white boxed, $9.50.

(2) ECF80/6BL8 Mullard Great Britain, one branded Dynaco, used and tests good, excellent print,
white boxed, $12.50 ea.

(8) 7643/E80CF Amperex made in Great Britain, gold pins, super premium sub for 6BL8, good for Citation tuners,
many other applications. Military boxed, $24.50 ea.

(20+) 6BQ7A/6BZ7/6BS8, NOS good US brands (few RCA), $4.50 ea. Excellent used for $2.25 ea. (a few used Tung-sol for $5.00).

(2) 6BX7GT GE and RCA , NOS (the GE is/white boxed), RCA for$16.50, GE for $14.50

(6+) 6C4, NOS made in USA and Japan (mostly RCA), new but may be white boxed, $5.50 ea. for  new, $4.50 ea. for good used /tested

(4) 6C5 RCA , (3) NOS, metal low mu triode(the GE is/white boxed), $4.50 ea. (1) ANOS for $3.50

(4) 6CK4 - (3) NOS/NIB, a Tung-Sol for $19.50 & two GE One Zenith branded for $14.50. (1) ANOS RCA for $11.50.

6CG7 Electro-Harmonix; the NOS supply is getting really thin - especially if you wanted multiple identical tubes or a matched pair - so
I decided it was time to bring another excellent quality EH tube into stock. These tubes have nice section match, low noise, and sonics that
make them a fine choice. I think they are a very fine tube. $26.50 ea. or $53.50 for a matched pair. My price includes testing you pay
$4.00 or $5.00 extra for from some other vendors!

(10+) 6CG7/6FQ7, mostly GE for $19.50 ea., some Sylvania or RCA for $23.50 ea. (add $11.00 ea. for tubes
with clear tops, the internal shield or black plates, add $22.00 for black plates with the shield). Very few shielded tubes left...

Save$$! Many excellent "ANOS" (almost new old stock) and solid used 6CG7/6FQ7 are available now (a few RCA).
ANOS are 75% of new price, used are 50% of new. Some clear top, some with the internal shield, now even a few
with both

Just a few left! 6CS7, NOS Raytheon Japan or a few USA brands), $9.50 ea. Note - sets of 4 identical tubes are not available.

(8) 6CW4 RCA (1 ea. GE, Sylvania, & Raytheon USA also), NOS/NIB, not real easy to find, $16.50 ea.Limited stock available!

(6) 6DE7, various NOS/NIB singles, US brands, $6.50 ea (add $1.50 for RCA).

6DJ8, 6922, 7308, and Equivalent Types...

(1) ECC88/6DJ8 Siemens labeled RCA, NOS/NIB, balanced & matched sections too! Nice tube, $89.50.

(1) 6922 Amperex "ANOS" USA made branded RCA;  gold pin tube with matched/balanced sections and very low noise, $79.50

(1) ECC88 Amperex Bugle Boy, maybe new but ??, round getter, >75% print, low noise and excellent
section match and balance, white boxed $69.50.

6922 Electro-Harmonix... this tube offers very low noise and microphonics, with the best durability
of any of the 6922 types out there today. This is the only tube I'll send for use in AI, ARC and a few
other brands.
And yes, a large number of my customers say they like the sound too! Only $18.50 ea. single.
$37.50 for gain matched pairs, and $39.50 for pairs of gain matched tubes with balanced cathode sections.

Genalex Gold Lion E88CC/6922 - in stock! Read this customer report: "I installed the 6922s in my Blue Circle BC-24
hybrid amp a week ago when they arrived. As I put more hours on them, the bass has lessened and the tubes became
more balanced, yet retained their smooth character. After a week's worth of playing, I'd say that they are quite extended
without being bright, punchy without being bass heavy, detailed without etch, and ever so slightly warm without being sluggish.
Oh, and the midrange is excellent! Finally! A premium 6922, every bit as good as the best NOS - at a fraction of NOS prices!
$44.50 ea., $89.50/matched pair, $92.50/matched pair with balanced triodes.

For the "finicky" gear out there you can request my Genalex"Select Grade" 6922. These tubes are tested for:

Plate current/DC balance(twice!)
AC balance/section balance (twice!)
Noise/microphonics (twice!)
Grid current ("gas")

In addition, these tubes receive a special run-in before testing, and are the best of the type out there.

Special testing like this takes time but if you have a fussy amp this test regimen may be your only chance to get the
tubes you need. DON'T REQUEST THESE UNLESS YOU NEED THEM! You are just wasting your money and
making it harder to supply these to people who do need them. $59.50 ea. or $122.50/matched pair when available.

(3) 6DN7 GE NOS, may be branded Sylvania or Delco, $7.50 ea. One tube has a harmless base crack.
One ANOS RCA for $5.50. Sorry, sold out!

(2) 6DV4 GE branded Nuvistors NOS/NIB, $11.50 ea.

(6 6EJ7/EF184, various brands, tested and ready to use, $7.50 ea.

(7) 6EA7/6EM7 USA brands, many relabled, NOS & most NIB 3 black plate coin base for $18.50 ea.,
(1) black plate/full base for $19.50 ea., (4) grey or black/grey plate full size base for $16.50 ea.

(1) 6EM7 RCA black plate, one ANOS reboxed for $15.50.

(3) 6EM7/6EA7 GE, two ANOS & one excellent used. These grey plates may be branded Zenith. $17.50 ea.

(1) 6ER5, NIB, appears to be Amperex/Mullard branded GE, made in Holland, $12.50.

(1) 6ER5 Brimar (branded Raytheon), NOS/NIB, not often seen, $24.50.

(1) 6ER5, NOS/NIB Sylvania branded Dumont, $9.50. One nice used GE for $3.50.

(8) 6ES5 Sylvania (most rebranded) NOS/NIB, 7 pin high mu triode, excellent DIY tube, $5.50 ea.

(2) 6ES8/ECC189, both NOS/NIB, a Westinghouse branded Amperex for $9.50 and a Zenith branded Sylvania USA made for $7.50.

6EU7 Sylvania NOS. The 6EU7 is a 12AX7 with a different pinout and a 6 volt heater and was used in both vintage
audio and vintage guitar amps. This 1960s tube is in it's original box and has Gm matched sections, $32.50.

6EU7 Tung-Sol reissue. The 6EU7 is a 12AX7 with a different pinout and a 6 volt heater and was used in both vintage
audio and vintage guitar amps. This new production 6EU7 has the 12AX7 Tung-Sol internals which means excellent tone!
In stock now, $28.50 ea., Gm matched pairs are $57.50/pair.

(3) 6EV7 NIB, all RCA made but 2 branded Admiral, $10.50 ea.

(1) 6EW7 RCA, NOS/NIB, uses a 9 pin socket like 12AX7, but similar to a 6DE7, $8.50. (more coming soon!)

(8) 6GH8/A, some Chinese or Russian made, new tubes, most in original boxes, $7.50 ea. for US brands, $3.50 ea. for Russian/Chinese

(12) 6GK5/6FQ5, new, most are USA or Japanese brands; $9.50 ea. for RCA or Tung-Sol, $6.50 ea. for other brands.

(40+) 6GK5 Hitachi (Japan) NOS, from bulk so will be white boxed, excellent quality 1960s vintage tubes! $8.50 ea.
Gm matched pairs for $16.50/pair

(1) 6GK5 GE, one used/tests good for $2.50.

(2) 6GM8/ECC86 - one Amperex branded Westinghouse, one Philips/German made branded GE both NOS/NIB, once common, now scarce, $24.50 ea..

(20+) 6GU7, various brands, a few Japanese but mostly USA made. These are basically a 6 volt 12BH7, $9.50 ea.

6H30Pi-EB Sovtek, increasingly popular as a muscular and great sounding driver tube. Many newer designs use this
terrific tube. I test them all for Gm, gain, triode balance, and noise/microphonics. $32.50 ea., $65.50/pair.

(10+) 6J5 metal tubes, various USA NOS, $6.50 ea.

(1) 6J5GT Sylvania metal base 3 mica, used but test in the range of new tubes, $14.50.

(4) 6J5GT, four are white boxed, (1)Tung-Sol for $11.50, (2) RCA (one "Airline" branded, one in white box), (1) 50s
vintage Westinghouse, all new tubes, $11.50 ea.

(1) 6J5GT RCA metal based tube, used lightly and tests virtually new, $9.50.

(30+) 6J6/A RCA and other US brands, 7 pin twin triode with a common cathode, mu of 38, NOS/NIB, $3.50 ea; good used for $0.50 ea.

(3) 6J7 metal, USA brands, NIB, $5.50 ea.

(1) 6J7GT N/U, glass bottle, NOS/NIB, $9.50.

(4) 6K11/6Q11 could be branded RCA, Emerson, GE, etc., but most are GE made. New in original box, $34.50 ea.

(10) 6KZ8 NOS US or Japanese made tubes, used in some Macs and other gear, $4.00 ea.

In Stock! 6N1P Voshkod "Rocket Logo" tubes from the mid 1970s. These are the now scarce"EB" versions, tested for noise/microphonics, 
$14.50 ea., $29.50/pair.

Need 6N3 replacements for your Shanling or other Chinese gear? See the 2C51/5670 listing below!

(1) 6R7G RCA, new in a white box, black glass coke bottle tube, $5.50.

(5) 6SC7 NOS US made (mostly RCA, one Tung-sol & one Sylvania), nice tube for your old amp, may be white boxed, $11.75.

(8) 1655/6SC7 RCA, US Navy boxed (a few are white boxed) from 1944; this is the premium industrial version of
the increasingly scarce 6SC7. It's still a metal tube, but it's as good as it gets in a 6SC7 type., $18.75 ea. Be aware some have 
paint chipped, etc. from age & handling. I also have about 3 used that are new or near new testing used for $9.50 ea. Note: My small 
tube damper rings fit these and 6SC7s, and definitely do reduce the microphonic tendencies some.

(1) 6SL7GT RCA, NOS/NIB grey glass tube from 1960; this tube has matched/balanced sections with low microphonics,,$59.50

(5) 6SL7GT GE, these have the round shiny plates, new tubes branded CBS, Sylvania, Westinghouse, etc. Two are recommended for the line
stage only, $7.50 ea., the others are quieter, $14.50 ea. One ANOS branded National for $9.50.

(1) 6SL7GT branded National but older Russian made, NOS, close Gm section match, $14.50.

New! 6SL7GT Tung-Sol reissue, nice brown based tubes, $38.95 ea., $78.50/pair.

6SN7 Electro-Harmonix now on closeout!  (6) single tubes left - all have slightly tilted glass bottles. Just $13.50 ea. for tested tubes.

In Stock! 6SN7GTB Tung-Sol reissue tubes. Excellent tone, very nice build quality, highly recommended! Lots of great reports
on this tube! $29.50 ea., $59.50/pair.

(30) 6678 or 6U8, new tubes, good US brands and JAN tubes, $8.75 ea. A few "ANOS" and excellent used for $4.50 ea.

(1) ECF82/6U8 Amperex, made by Philips Canada, may be new, $16.50

(1) 6U8/A RCA black plates - NOS for  for $16.50

(1) 6U8A Tung-Sol black plate, new in a white box, $19.50

(25) 6U10, NOS GE and Sylvania, one is in a white box (the old box rotted away), for Ampegs and ??, $9.50 ea.

(5) 7F8, US brands, nice preamp loctal tubes, 3 new Tung-Sol or Philco branded for $8.50, two used Sylvania
branded Philco for $4.50 ea.

12AT7 and Equivalent Types...

Very Important Note! The only tube I recommend (or guarantee) as a reverb driver in guitar amps is the
JAN Philips 12AT7WC. If you want to try something else feel free - but you do so at your own risk!

(1) 12AT7 GE, NOS branded Philco in old Philco box, date coded 35th week of 1951, one of the oldest
12AT7s I've seen
. Grey plate, square getter, a rare tube! $29.50.

(1) 12AT7 GE square getter tube, old blue GE box, nice stuff! $21.50.

(2) 6679/12AT7 GE, one NOS/NIB, $18.50; one ANOS square getter, $13.50.

(58) CV4024/12AT7 Mullard, NOS/NIB, military boxed, the pin protectors in place, no Mullard logo on
them. With double stapled plates and copper getter ring supports, these are really fine tubes, $49.50 ea., $99.50/pair.
Beware of fakes!! A number of vendors have used/washed tubes in fake boxes and are selling them for full price! In
their defense, they may not even know they have used tubes! But I guarantee my stock is 100% new!

(3) 12AT7 RCA, may be new but ??, some white boxed, $19.50 ea.

(1) 12AT7 RCA, ANOS, branded CBS/Hytron, black plate square getter 1955 tube, $19.50.

(2) 6679/12AT7 RCA, maybe not new but close, white boxed, $21.50 ea.

(1) 12AT7 RCA, NOS in old distributor box, black plate, square getter 1962 tube. This tube
may be too microphonic for use except as an RF tube, so steal it for $11.50.

(1) ECC81/12AT7 Siemens, double mica, NOS/NIB branded ITT. Low noise/microphonics, $44.50.

(26) 12AT7WC Philips JAN, NIB, $14.50 ea., $29.50/pair. Excellent Fender reverb driver tube, not my favorite audio tube. Good stock on hand!!

(4) 12AT7 Sylvania NOS, various constructions and vintages, good tubes, $19.50 ea.

12AT7W/6201 Tung-Sol new production tubes, nice quality and tone at nice prices; $19.50 each, $39.50/pair. Remember, my price includes a lot 
of tests other vendors charge extra for!

(1) 6201/12AT7WB and WC, older GE, NIB, super quality 12AT7 type, $22.50.

(3) 6201 GE, 3 mica, new??, one branded Westinghouse, $19.50 ea. $9.50 for a single good used. All white boxed.

(10+) 12AU6, good US & Japanese brands, new, may be white boxed, 12 volt version of the 6AU6, $3.50 ea.

12AU7 and Equivalent Types...

Genalex Gold Lion B749/ECC82/12AU7 reissues This tube has warmth and body, the noise level is very low, and microphonics
are virtually nonexistent. The track record is clear - these Genalex reissue tubes are superb, as good as most of the old stock! $44.50 ea., $89.50/pair.

(1) 12AU7A GE, good used D-getter tube with horizontal rib plate and good gain/Gm match, $9.50.

(1) 12AU7A Raytheon USA, NOS/NIB 1950s tube; black plate round getter tube, a bit too noisy
for use in low level sockets but perfect for line/amp level. $37.50.

(1) 12AU7A Raytheon USA, white boxed; grey plate square getter tube, ANOS for $24.50.

(1) JRC-12AU7 RCA, 1950s production, grey plate/top getter, NOS in an original (but I think wrong) box, $29.50.

(4) ECC82/12AU7 RFT NOS in white boxes, all are low noise/microphonics and have balanced triode sections; very nice tubes! $29.50 ea.

12AU7W/6189 Tung-Sol new production tubes, excellent quality and tone, a very pleasant surprise! This tube is a really good choice and
at nice prices too! $21.50 each, $44.50/pair. Remember, my price includes a lot of tests other vendors charge extra for!

(1) 12AU7/A Tung-Sol, NOS/NIB round getter - early '60s(?), low microphonics & noise, $39.50.

(2) 12AU7/A Tung-Sol, 1 12AU7 used/tests about 150% of minimum, "D" getter grey plate, nice tube, $19.50.
The second (12AU7A) tests within 10% of new, is also a "D" getter grey plate, $29.50; the third is branded Delco,
is a nice ANOS tube, $34.50.

(1) 12AU7 Tung-Sol, used/tests about 125% of minimum, black large plate, nice looking tube, $16.50

(6) 12AU7A Tung-Sol, various brand markings, clear glass/grey plates, may be new, but ??, white boxed,
very nice tubes! $28.50 ea.

(1) 5814 GE, ANOS grey plate with triangle markings, pizza pan getter and extra supports, $15.50.

(1) 5814A Sylvania (not Philips) JAN, 1968 production grey plate NOS/NIB, $19.50.

(1) 5963 GE, NOS/NIB, crisp original box, low microphonics! $12.50.

(3) 5963 RCA, grey plate & round getter, in old industrial box or a white boxes, almost surely NOS, $16.50 ea.

(1) 5963 RCA, grey plate/square getter, in a white box, call them "ANOS", $17.50.

(1) 5963 RCA, as above but in the original RCA box, slightly microphonic, an o-ring damper cleans
it up, excellent for line stages or power amps, $8.50.

(10) 12AV6, both US and Japan made, NOS but may be white boxed, $3.50 ea.

(20+) 12AV7, medium mu dual triode, about the same mu as 12AY7, cheap too. These use the same pinout as the rest
of 12**7 family. Try 'em, you'll be surprised, $6.50 ea., black plates $7.50 ea.

(1) 5965 RCA 3 mica, maybe new but ??, good gain and Gm match, low microphonics and noise (!), good section
balance, nice tube in a white box, $13.50.

(1) 5965 GE, ANOS large grey plate tube in a white box, branded Beckman, $6.50.

12AX7/ECC83 and Equivalent Types... note that the 5751 can be used as a sub in many cases, but it has a
lower mu specification - 70 for the 5751, 100 for the 12AX7. I don't recommend it as a sub in phono stages.

Also all my 12AX7s are noise tested - many other places charge extra for that testing!

Electro-Harmonix 12AX7EH short plate tubes, great in guitar amps, used by many audio makers as original equipment!
100% noise and microphonics tested
, take them for only $12.50 ea. or $25.50/pair.

Genalex Gold Lion B759/ECC83/12AX7 reissues! Tis is a great tube - warm, excellent (one customer described it
as "sublime!") midrange and super soundstaging. The latest production tubes are much quieter, I can now recommend it for
phono and or other noise sensitive stages with its low hum spiral wound heater. $44.50 ea., $89.50/pair.

Mullard reissue 12AX7 long plates! Another new production tube getting excellent reviews! One more fine quality
tube, and just $18.50 ea. or $39.50/pair. As usual, my price includes tests you pay extra for from some other vendors! I have
good stock on hand, ready to ship!

Mullard reissue CV4004/12AX7 short plates! Initial reports are quite positive and based on what I've seen from
the Mullard reissue line so far I expect it to be an excellent tube - and more microphonics resistant due to the tube's short
plates (as compared to the long plate Mullard). Be sure to order the CV4004 if you want the short plate tube! If
you order the 12AX7 you'll get a long plate! $21.50 ea., $43.50/matched pair.

*Sovtek 12AX7LPS tubes, very low noise spiral filaments, checked for good section-to-section match, $17.75 ea.,
or $36.75 per matched pair; quads (if available - these are VERY rarely needed) are $74.50. For specially selected tubes
(for Aesthetix and other hi gain/noise sensitive gear) selected pairs (when available) are $59.50. These are great for sockets
where a good quiet tube is needed, and the tone is top shelf. My tube of choice for Citation phono stages! Very limited stock!

12AX7 Tung-Sol reissue. Many very good reports are coming in on this tube! It's punchy, has extended treble and
excellent bass, and is nice and quiet. $18.50 ea.; matched pairs are $37.50/pair.

12AX7/ECC803S Tung-Sol gold pin. Get improved socket contact with this tube. If you have any wear on the socket
the extra thickness of the plating and the corrosion resistance and good connectivity of the gold pins can help. $32.50 ea.,
matched pairs are $65.50/pair.

5751 Tung-Sol reissue; these have received many very positive reviews and they test VERY quiet!
The NOS is about gone - especially if you need matched tubes - so here's a terrific new 5751 at a great price, $24.50 ea. 
or $49.50/matched pair. Remember, my price includes testing others don't do or you pay extra for!!


Rare Tubes! 12AY7 GE, NOS tubes from the late 1950s to 1960 or so, all are grey plates, most with rectangular getters. All have been
run in and carefully tested - including testing for low noise and microphonics. Here's what I have:
(2) matched/balanced very low noise pairs with round getters and grey plates - $79.50/pair
(5) single tubes with good internal section match and low noise, $34.50 ea.
(3) single tubes, all test good but not quiet enough for low noise applications. These would be fine in a power amp or line stage, $29.50 ea.

(1) 12AY7 RCA, NOS/NIB grey plates, it has balanced sections and low microphonics but may be to noisy for any use but line level, $29.50.

Great Tube! 12AY7/6072 EH Gold; just like with the 5751 the NOS supply is about gone, and what's left isgetting very pricey. The gold-pinned EH
is an excellent performer, and while I rarely opt for the gold pin EH tubes, these may end up in critical locations where the gold will be a real benefit.
These have vertical rib plates like old GEs - unlike any other EH tube I've seen! It won't break the bank either, at just $37.50 ea. or $76.50/pr.

Keep in mind my price includes testing others don't do - or you pay extra for!!

Update on the EH 6072 - I have used these in my "McShane" amp - and they were outstanding!! They replaced
some CV4024 Mullards, and they were every bit as good. Quiet, great tone, a big-time winner!

(1) 12AZ7 RCA, NOS/NIB black plate/square getter tube; matched balanced very low noise, $19.50.

12BH7 Electro-Harmonix; the NOS supply is getting so thin that I decided it was time to bring in yet
another excellent quality EH tube. Nice section match, low noise, a very fine tube. Just $22.50 ea. or $45.50 for
a matched pair. Don't forget - my price includes testing you pay $4.00 or $5.00 extra for from some other vendors!

12BH7 Electro-Harmonix Gold; especially in vintage gear I've found the added thickness and enhanced contact of
the gold plated pins makes a real difference in the quality of the pin-to-socket contact. So if you do a lot of tube rolling,
have a piece of vintage gear, or simply want to have the best possible contact with your sockets grab this tube! $32.50 ea.
or $65.50 for a matched pair. Again, my price includes testing you pay $4.00 or $5.00 extra for from some other vendors!

(36) 12BY7A NOS JAN GE pentodes. In my experience, the sturdy construction of these tubes make them the
best tubes for Citation II and V. So grab 'em while you can. Only $22.50 ea.

(15) 12BY7/A RCA, many are all different construction though, so don't wait if you want identical tubes. $22.50 ea. A few nice used are available for $11.50 ea.

(Over 40 on hand!) 12BY7/A, other USA brands, many older Sylvania, many nice GE, $22.50 ea. Almost new examples are available for $9.50 ea.

(20) 12BY7A NOS made in Japan, branded Channel Master, Raytheon, etc. New tubes - great price, $13.50 ea.

Good used tested 12BY7A are available for only $5.50 ea.

(1) 12BZ7; (1) Marconi/Radiotron NOS/NIB, for power amps only, a bit too noisy for other uses, $7.50.

12DW7 EH, excellent quality new production tubes, $24.50 ea.

(5) 12FQ7, (4) Matsushita/Japan, they appear to be lightly used, (these came in Westinghouse boxes), $17.50 each; & one good used Japanese for $14.50.

(14) 12GN7, super high Gm pentode, very similar & pin compatible to a 12BY7A. Recommended by Alan Kimmel as
a top tube in a mu-stage. New tubes from good makers, $7.50 ea. A few good used for $4.00 ea.

(2) 12J5GT Tung-Sol, NOS/NIB, 60s vintage grey plates, $7.50 ea.

(10) 12SL7, mostly Sylvania, new, nice stuff, a few are white boxed, $7.50 ea. ($9.50 for RCA).

(1) 12SQ7GT Sylvania, rare glass/metal based version of this tube, ANOS, $7.50.

(6) CK-5670 NOS Raytheon USA early 1960s vintage black plate tube, fine tubes! $24.50 each

(1) JG-5670 GE 1960 black plate 3 mica tube, may be new but ??, $34.50 each

(2) 5670W/2C51, GE JAN black plate NOS/NIB, very nice sub for the 6N3 in Shanling CD players
and other Chinese gear. Check out this recent note I received: "I rec'd the 5670W from you a month ago,
but I didnt have time to try them out until now. Just want to let you know that they are FAR FAR superior
than the chinese 6N3 which came with my amp. The difference is so great that it is not even funny, its
saddening. I nearly sold my 2A3 amplifier because of those crappy chinese tubes. The 5670 is simply
6x or 10x better."
Heck, a number of my customers actually prefer these to the rare and pricey 396A!
Try 'em! $12.50 ea.

(1) 5687, GE 5 Star black plate NOS, 1959/1960 era vintage, Amplitex tested, outstanding tube! $29.50

(26) 5687WA or WB Philips or Sylvania branded, NOS, a few older white boxed tubes, and many JAN or CHS 
designated. Black vertical rib plates, good stuff! $32.50 ea. for 1980s vintage, $39.50 ea. for earlier production. I'll be 
sure to send as close to identical tubes as I can if you want more than one.

(1) 5687 Tung-Sol NOS/NIB, branded and boxed GE Canada, black vertical rib plate, $29.50.

(9) 5879 RCA 3 mica, (5) NOS/NIB (one branded Westinghouse, one in old JAN box) for $12.50 ea., (1) probably new
but ??, $12.50, (3) new testing, lightly used for $10.50 ea.

(6) 5879 RCA, some branded RCA, some Westinghouse or Sylvania Canada, GE; all NOS, 1 white boxed, $10.75 ea.

(1) E90CC/5920 Siemens, NOS/NIB in older Siemens box, cool box plate dual triode in a 7 pin bottle, $19.50.

(5) 6211, one used RCA for $4.00, one Gm matched pair of ANOS GE 5-Star for $14.50, two single GE 5-Star
ANOS for $6.50 ea.

(1) 6227/E80L Amperex PQ, NIB, rare! $39.50

EF86/6267 and Equivalent Types...

EF806SG Tung-Sol now in stock, superb reviews and the dwindling NOS supplies convinced me to bring this
gold pinned tube into stock. It's affordable too! $34.50/ea. or $69.50/pr. for Gm matched pairs.

EF86 EH tubes - now on closeout!  Just $16.50 ea. for tested single tubes (3 left).

(1) EF86 Mullard, used and tests good but just above minimum, $7.50; 

(1) EF86 Philips/Holland, looks and tests new but ??, original box, $44.50.

(1) EF86 Radiotechnique (Amperex French plant), used and tests good, life tests good too, $19.50.


(1) 6686/E81L Amperex PQ, excellent used in white box, $5.50

(2) E180F/6688 Mullard NOS/NIB, fine quality gold pinned pentodes, $13.50 ea.

(1 pair) E83F/6689 Mullard NOS/NIB, made in Holland (Heerlen plant) gold pin tubes with "U" getters,
they have a Gm match within about 2%! $31.50 for the pair.

(1) E83F/6689 Amperex PQ, NOS/NIB, made in Holland (Heerlen plant) gold pin tube with "D" getter,
tests great! $17.50.

(14) 7586 RCA, two JAN boxed, one in a Tektronix box, NOS, $24.50 ea.

(7) 7734 GE (some branded RCA) or Westinghouse USA, super tube for voltage regulators, scarce, $24.50 ea.

(1) 8056 RCA Nuvistor, NOS/NIB, $22.50.

JJ ECC99! One of the nice quality tubes made by JJ, it's a great tube for many uses! Fully tested for noise/microphonics
(remember that when comparing prices), these are top quality! $18.50 ea., $39.50/pr.

Western Electric Tubes!

WE and Northern Electric (made WE tubes in Canada):

(2) 404A Western Electric miniature pentode, high Gm, got special burn in by WE, $19.50 ea.

(3) 408A similar to 6AK5, probably NOT WE made, rebranded, white boxed, 20 v. filament, $6.50 ea.

(18) 415A pentode, similar to 6AS6, 6.3 v. filament, $6.50 ea.

(1) 420A/5755 Western Electric, white boxed used tube, tests near new for $29.50.

(2) 423A cold cathode voltage reference tube, 9 pin, 135 v. breakdown, 102 v operating, very high stability of 2 mv
per 100 hours operation! If you want to use tube voltage references, this may be the best you can get, $11.50 ea.

(2) 427A 3 element cold cathode VR tube, 9 pin, 100 v regulation, 165 v. anode breakdown. Provides regulation
of 0.1% (!) from 5 to 40 ma., versus 5% for commercial tubes. The best regulator ever? $11.50 ea.

(1) 5847 Western Electric, appears and tests new, square or "D" getter, white boxed, $24.50

Many more types in stock! I have some antique globe tubes, many "radio" & boatanchor tubes, VR tubes, etc., as well as many other types.

Need tube data? One of the best places to look is Duncan's Amp Pages. It's a great resource for tube data!


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How to order:

I can now accept credit cards and PayPal!


1. E-mail me to confirm pricing, availability, and shipping dates and fees.

2. I'll reply ASAP with the details, and send you an invoice via email.

3. You pay directly from the invoice.

4. Upon confirmation of payment your order will ship promptly with very few exceptions (see below)!
Note: I can only ship to the address on your PayPal or credit card account. To ship elsewhere you
may need to pay via cash, check, or money order.

For Other Orders:

For USA orders just drop me a check (personal is fine) or money order - whatever is easy for you - for the
total amount due and I ship promptly via USPS Priority Mail upon receipt.

International shipments are no problem! Contact me regarding details and shipping charges. Purchasers outside
the USA must make payment in US dollars. Checks must be payable by US banks. I'm sorry, but I cannot
undervalue shipments to reduce your counrty's duties. I can be fined/jailed for doing so, so please don't ask.

Note! Regardless of how you pay, it's best to e-mail and confirm availability first:

Tube shipping is $8.75 to any USA address (up to 1 pound). Shipments to Canada up to 1-2 pounds are about
$24.50 - $38.50 as well. I'm located in Orland Park, IL, just outside Chicago.

"Received the valves today, installed them this evening, simply fantastic. I must add my sincere appreciation for the
superb service level provided by yourself."
Enzo, from Australia.

I had received my 10mar05 tube order no more than 2 days after your receipt of my payment and
I can say that your matched sets are prime (you must listen to a lot of tubes pop as they hit the
bottom of your trash can)! I wanted to say that I will be a return customer.
D. Dwyer, USA.

Guarantees and Returns!

All new or new old stock tubes and/or parts are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of purchase. ANOS or used
tubes are guaranteed for 30 days. A few tubes have different warranty periods, those will be listed on my site or below.
Tubes/parts that have been been misused or installed in sockets designed for a different tube are not warrantable.
Defective tubes or parts must be returned for evaluation; if found to be defective they will either be replaced or a
credit issued (my choice). Tubes must be returned in the same condition as when received, with all packaging present
and in original condition. Items cut to length cannot be returned (except if shipped in error). For purchasers outside
the USA - you are responsible for shipping the defective item back to me at your expense as well as for the return
shipping of the replacement part back to you. I will give you a $8.50 discount on the return shipping. If this is not
clear please email me with your questions!

Tubes may be returned only if defective. Note that most tubes returned to me are NOT defective, but have either
been damaged in use or had poor contact with the tube socket - or were installed in an improperly biased power
amplifier. Bias procedures for Citation tube amps can be found on this site, for other amps please consult the
manufacturer's data or a qualified technician. Failures caused by operating tubes beyond their dissipation limits is
not covered by the warranty, sorry.

Please note! Tubes used in Audio Research (ARC) gear other than the original equipment brand and number
(with the exception of substituting EH for Sovtek tubes) may be warranteed not to be DOA only. There is no other
warranty whatsoever - check on the specific tube when you order if you wish. Original equipment brand and
number tubes carry the normal warranty described above.

While I strive to give the best advice I can regarding what tubes are best sounding for a given application, each
system and listener is different. It simply isn't possible to guarantee the tone will be exactly what the purchaser
expects. I cannot sell tubes "to try out" or for "auditions" without significantly increasing my prices, which I
don't want to do. I cannot accept returns of tubes you bought for an amp that was later sold/gave away, decided
not to use, etc.

At my option, I may offer to repurchase the tubes at a mutually agreed upon price, but there is no obligation on
my part to do so.

This warranty covers only the tubes and parts purchased from me, and is limited to replacement (or refund) for
that specific item. Resultant damage to equipment is specifically NOT covered.

To request a return please email a description of the problem and the date of purchase. I'll reply ASAP with
instructions on the return procedure. You are responsible for shipping costs on returning items, I cover return
shipping back to you. Please pack the tubes well when returning tubes. Tubes returned which are poorly or
inadequately packed (padded envelopes are not adequate!) cannot be warranteed. Please include a copy of
your email requesting return in the shipment and your return shipping address.

A Very Important Note About Shipping Insurance!!

Shipments may not be fully insured unless you specifically request it! I strongly recommend you purchase full insurance
for your shipments. Without insurance you are responsible for the shipment as soon as it leaves my hands!
The fee is often just what the Post Office charges me. While I will do everything I can to help you locate and track down
a missing or delayed shipment, I cannot assume any liability for missing/delayed/damaged shipments unless they
are insured.

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